Employee Referrals

Employee Referrals

Easily distribute links for employee referrals to your non-desk employees.

Send referral links directly to your non-desk employees

Finding new employees is a difficult task, but using your current workforce to help out makes it easier. Instantly send employee referral links to your non-desk employees with Yourco.

Referrals Are The Best Source of Hire

82% of employers rate employee referrals as the number one source of hire. Employee referrals reduce your cost per hire, increase your quality of hire, and reduce your turnover rate.

Reach Prospective Employees Where They Are

Non-desk employees aren't using LinkedIn to find a job. But, they are hanging out with your non-desk employees. Simply mass text employee referral links to your non-desk employees with Yourco.


Text Messages Get Opened and Read

You can email employee referral links, but you know they won't get seen. Make your life easier, make your employees' lives easier, and drive actual results by texting employee referral links with Yourco.

Reduce Sourcing Costs

On average, employee referral programs can save companies $3000 per hire.

Increased Retention

After 2 years, referred employee retention rates are 45%, while job boards yield only 20% retention.

Faster Time to Hire

Referred employees are 55% faster to hire than employees sourced through career sites.

Make your life easier, and get your non-desk employees more engaged at work!

Non-desk employees are the least engaged employees across the globe. These are employees that are not at a desk or in front of a computer all day, fundamentally decreasing their opportunity for communication in the digital age. Utilizing Yourco empowers employees by giving them an easy way to communicate with you and your organization. Check out some other use cases below. You will find different ways that our Customers help their non-desk employees to become more engaged at work.

Strategy Session

Reach out today to speak with a Yourco consultant about optimizing your employee referrals strategy.