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Two-way communication with your non-desk employees.

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Why Text

Because everyone can text.

Non-desk employees may not have access to a computer or a company email, but they do have a cell phone in their pocket.

No App

Employees don't want to download another app.

Texts Get Read

98% of texts get read, while only 20% of emails get read.

Quicker Response

The average text response time is within 90 seconds.

Reduce Waste in the value stream

Eliminate Excessive Meetings and Miscommunication

Create Efficiencies within the value stream

Consolidate Communications for Supervisors, Managers, and Human Resources

Drive Maximum Productivity

Stop Wasting Time with Bulletin Boards, Handouts, and Flyers

What customers are saying

Yourco is helping managers all over the country.

"Yourco makes communication with our shop floor employees easy. Employees have a quick way to reach us and management knows immediately when there is a problem. If it's a Sunday night call-off, or a mass notification we need to send out, everyone stays on the same page."
Angela Weiss
Managing Partner at M&G Graphics
“Yourco has been huge for us, especially during the weather crisis. It is such a fast and easy way to communicate with everyone. We were able to keep our employees safe and make sure everyone was notified of updates in a timely manner. It could not have been built any easier for the end user.”
Scott Pfantz
Operations Manager at Nufarm

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Simple Setup

Built for immediate implementation within your business.

No Downloads

Your employees don't have to download anything. You can begin messaging with Yourco immediately.

No Passwords

No need to worry about lost passwords.

No Learning Curve

You know how to text. Your parents know how to text. Your employees know how to text.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have a “no phone” policy during work. But, employees still bring their phones to work in case of emergency and for communication with the outside world.

In our experience, employees check their phones during break time and lunch, so our customers with “no phone” policies use this time to communicate important information.

Yourco does not cost your employees anything. We built Yourco so that you can take advantage of the Carrier’s business model (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) and eliminate all costs to your employees.

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