Company Announcements

Company Announcements

Send company announcements with Yourco and know your non-desk employees have received them.

Yourco makes company announcements easy and accessible for everyone

Not everyone has a company email and not everyone looks at their email. But, everyone does have a cell phone that receives text messages in their pocket, even if it's a flip phone. Use this to your advantage.
company announcements

Ensure Employee Safety

Keep all of your non-desk employees safe by getting them the information they need, right when they need it.

Reduce Time Wasted

Let non-desk employees know what's going on without wasting time in extra meetings, or sending emails that don't get read.

company announcements
company announcements

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Retain more employees by maintaining a strong line of communication and sending announcements that engage.

HR Announcements

Immediately distribute open enrollment notices, policy changes, and news about company events.

Executive Updates

Send executive updates to keep employees aligned with the company mission, vision, and values.

Managerial Information

Blast announcements including shift updates, adjustments to orders, or other operational changes.

Make your life easier, and get your non-desk employees more engaged at work!

Non-desk employees are the least engaged employees across the globe. These are employees that are not at a desk or in front of a computer all day, fundamentally decreasing their opportunity for communication in the digital age. Utilizing Yourco empowers employees by giving them an easy way to communicate with you and your organization. Check out some other use cases below. You will find different ways that our Customers help their non-desk employees to become more engaged at work.

Strategy Session

Reach out today to speak with a Yourco consultant about optimizing your company announcements strategy.