Emergency Notification System for Business


Emergency Notification System for Business

Many businesses use communication methods like messaging apps and texting to send employee alerts about important information. Whether businesses want employees to be aware of a new policy, changes to operations, or even alert them of an emergency, contacting employees directly is an effective method of sharing information. 95% of text messages are read within the first three minutes and 98% are read overall.


But how is an employee notification system used in business? Mass notification systems allow you to send employees what they need to know immediately, without calling or waiting for them to return to the building or headquarters.


In this blog, we’re going to cover mass notification systems for business emergencies and the best solution to reach your employees.

How Do Emergency Notification Systems Work?

When considering some of the ways that the alert system will notify you in an emergency, it depends on the method you use to reach your employees. Some businesses might use text messages, voice calls, or smartphone messaging apps, among other solutions, to get a hold of their employees.


A popular method of staying in contact with employees is through apps like WhatsApp or Teams. The problem with these messaging apps in particular is that group chats can be distracting to employees who don’t want to get alerts to their phone constantly, which might lead them to ignoring their phones or turning off alerts entirely. Not only that, but these applications require employees to download something to their phone and set up an account. Beyond the hassle, some employees might not have the ability to download an app if they do not have a smartphone. Moreover, these apps require employees to use their data plans when they do not have internet access.


Another option is through text messaging. Texting individual employees through a phone can be difficult to keep track of, but software like Yourco makes it possible for leadership and HR to keep all communication in a single web-based dashboard. No need to worry about individual texts, as Yourco puts everything in one easily accessible place. Despite it being based online, Yourco sends text messages to employees instead of requiring them to download a separate application. 98% of texts get read, because every phone has text messaging capabilities—and employees aren’t bombarded with group chats or irrelevant messages.


Why Is an Emergency Notification System Important?

For a business, especially those with non-desk employees, emergency notifications help alert employees, even when they are difficult to reach. Your employees must be informed right away and kept up to date on any developments in regard to the emergency at hand. No matter the emergency, you’ll want your employees to be aware of the issue to keep them safe. An emergency notification system allows you to reach your employees in seconds rather than dealing with calls and messages in an app that they might miss.


Here are a few situations when you might want to contact employees quickly:

  • Equipment malfunction
  • Immediate health and safety concerns
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Policy changes
  • Workplace hazards

With software like Yourco, you’ll be able to send a mass text message to all of your employees instantly. Why is a text system better than other applications? 95% of text messages are read within three minutes, which means you reach employees faster and can be sure they’ve seen your message. In emergency situations, every minute matters.

What Is an Example of an Emergency Notification?

If you’re considering using an alert notification system for your business, you might be looking for examples of when it could be useful for you:

  • “Hi, team! The recent rain has caused water to collect on the floor of the warehouse near the loading dock. This hazard should not affect the operation of machinery, but please be aware of and prepare for a slippery floor. Use caution when walking through the warehouse. Thank you!”
  • “Hello, field supervisors. Recently there was an incident at the construction site using the table saw. Please make sure employees maintain proper safety precautions while working machinery on the job site.”
  • “Attention! There is a large storm near the downtown worksite. Please seek shelter immediately and cease operations until further notice.”
  • “Hi, David. Steven, your scheduled packing partner will not be in today. We are attempting to fill the open shift to help you with your tasks. Please continue packing at your normal pace and let us know if you need assistance.”
  • “Attention! There is an active fire in the packaging area! Please calmly exit the building using the nearest fire exit immediately!”

While text messages can be the most effective form of communication, you can never be too safe when it comes to emergency notifications. Having a thorough emergency notification system that includes texting, PA announcements, emails, and maybe even more communication channels, is the best course of action during an emergency.

Essential Emergency Communication with Yourco

Yourco offers your business the ability to reach employees and management quickly and effectively during an emergency. Because SMS text messages can be received, even without internet access, our software can help you make sure you reach everyone as soon as possible. To deliver a service and experience that is genuinely best-in-class, our platform takes all the benefits of texting, does away with the downsides of messaging applications and email, and sprinkles in thoughtful features.


Yourco is the best emergency notification software for your business. For two-way communication with all non-desk employees, watch our demo and reach out to us today for a solution to emergency notifications.

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