Yourco Buying Guide

Yourco Buying Guide

Is Yourco a good fit for my business?

Although Yourco is an extremely powerful internal communication tool, it will not be the best choice for everyone. This guide is designed to help you understand if Yourco will be a good fit for your business.

Part One - Why Texting?

Uncover if text messaging is a method of internal communication that you should implement for your workforce.

Part Two - Why Yourco?

If you determine that text messaging is something you'd like to implement, learn if Yourco is the correct text messaging tool for your business.

Part One - Why Texting?

There is an abundance of digital business communication tools available today. From email to Microsoft Teams to Slack, you have your pick of the litter. These are extremely powerful tools for the white-collar, desk-based workforce that are in front of the computer, or glued to their emails during the day. But these digital communication tools do not work for the blue-collar, non-desk workforce that are around the shop, out in the field, or in the production line. Typically, these employees don’t receive a company email (because in our experience, they wouldn’t look at it anyway).

You've Tried Everything

And this is what you hear

Does this sound Familiar to you? If this has been your employee communication experience, then you need something simple, accessible, all-inclusive, and effective for your entire workforce. In this case, text messaging is most likely the best method of internal communication that you could possibly implement.

Texting is


Texting requires no implementation or training, no questions, and you won’t hear any excuses.


Text messaging is already on all of your employees’ cell phones.


Even if your employees have flip phones, they can still send and receive text messages.


98% of text messages get read, while only 20% of emails do.


Yourco is the best thing we did last year! We are able to send instant text message communications to all of our employees.

Carolina Abrams
HR Manager at Sherwin-Williams​

Part Two - Why Yourco?

Now that you know you would like to implement text messaging as a communication method within your workplace, you need to figure out which tool to use. There are many text messaging tools in the market. At Yourco, we believe that effective communication can radically change the way that an organization operates: reducing error, increasing productivity, and building a culture of peak performance. But, effective communication is not only about talking at someone. Effective communication is about listening too.

Especially in regard to employee communication… listening can mean the difference between keeping your staff productive and happy, and losing your staff to a competitor. For this reason, Yourco is built and optimized for two-way communication with your non-desk staff.

While you can use Yourco to send out one-way text messages, it is important to understand that Yourco was built to give your employees an easier way to communicate with you as well. If you are looking to transform the way your business communicates, and implement a direct digital line of communication from your non-desk employees to HR, their managers, or the front office, there is no better tool on the market.


Yourco has helped to change the way we communicate at McCarthy Auto Group. We have nearly 700 employees and 80% are non-desk based, communication is a challenge. Yourco provides a quick easy way to reach everyone within our organization and a secure way for employees to reach HR and leadership without a computer.

Felisha Parker
VP of HR at McCarthy Auto Group

Everything we have built, and everything we will continue to build is focused around our core belief that in order to drive effective communication within your organization, the communication needs to be two-way. Every feature within Yourco is specifically crafted to enhance your two-way internal communication experience with your non-desk employees:

HRIS & Payroll Integrations

Spend your time communicating effectively with your staff, not on administrative tasks. You will never have to worry about adding new employees or removing terminated employees from Yourco. It automatically stays updated and in-sync with your HRIS or Payroll software.

Yourco Vetting Process and Deliverability Feedback

In order to maintain an open two-way texting line, you need to make sure that your company number is kept legally compliant and in good-standing with the Carriers. Yourco ensures that everything is compliant and deliverability issues get resolved so that you don’t have to.

Unlimited Messages

If you don’t let yourself or your employees communicate because you’re worried about how much it will cost you, you hinder effective communication from actually happening. With Yourco, you don’t need to worry about how many messages are sent or received because we only offer unlimited messaging to encourage effective two-way communication.

Unlimited Message Storage

With unlimited message storage and automatic documentation, you can go back and reference all of the conversations you’ve ever had with employees for legal or operational purposes. We understand that you will have turnover, so even on your terminated employees, you receive unlimited message storage with Yourco, forever.

Advanced Message Search

As you continue to use Yourco for two-way communication, there is a lot of conversation data that you may need to sort through. With Yourco’s advanced message search, you can find exactly what you’re looking for, whenever you need it.

Schedule Sending

Yourco gives you the ability to schedule a message to be delivered to employees at a specific date and time. With this feature, you can ensure your employees receive your message at the perfect time.

Manager Permissions

Maybe you only want HR communicating back-and-forth with employees. But, you may also want managers and supervisors to have this ability as well. With Manager Permissions in Yourco, you can specify which employees each manager or supervisor has access to in Yourco in order to keep everyone on the same page.

Confidential Message Hiding

Some two-way conversations can contain sensitive or confidential information. As an Admin, you can hide specific conversations and messages so that the conversation stays between you and your employee.

Group Message Segmentation

With Yourco, you can segment groups by location, department, and any other way you would like. Some problems with group messages are that they can get annoying, and everyone sees each other’s contact information. But, when you send out a group message in Yourco, it does not turn into a group on the employee’s side of things. It simply looks like a single message from your company number. This way, you don’t annoy your employees, they don’t get everyone’s information, and you can keep your communications effective.

File Sending

Sending files with Yourco is as easy as uploading an image, document, presentation, or video directly in the Yourco messenger. The key to this feature is that Yourco automatically converts your file to a URL so your employees will receive it even if they don’t have data plans or internet access at the time of sending.

Secure File Sending

With Yourco, you can also send a secure file that requires an employee to type their cell phone number in, along with a randomly-generated PIN that is automatically texted to your employees to access the file. We keep this secure and simple with nothing to download, and no passwords to remember.


Yourco has helped me streamline communication between the field and the corporate office. The software is easy to use, and their service department is always available to help when needed. I am very happy with their services.

Roxana Abreu
HR Manager at Central Civil Construction

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