Best Text Messaging Service for Business

Best Text Messaging Service for Business
Best Text Messaging Service for Business

Best Text Messaging Service for Business

Look to any successful business and try to identify what has led them to such great heights. You might call out a fantastic product, team, or outstanding leader. While those are all parts of a successful business, none of it would be possible without efficient and effective communication. However, not every industry has employees that work from a desk and can receive countless emails and join meetings. So does this mean that those working down on the floor of a warehouse must remain out of the loop? Of course not – especially if your business has a great handle on internal text communication. That is why the team at Yourco has put together this blog to discuss the best text messaging service options and explain the importance of communication tools when you have non-desk employees.

What is the Best Text Messaging Service for My Business?

If you have done some basic level research, then you already know there are too many communication tools to count. To help with your research and decision, let’s break down some of the more popular options and see how they compare to what Yourco offers.


Slack is an instant messaging system that allows for numerous add-ons. The primary function is to create channels where people can share messages and files with one another. A significant problem with this program is that non-desk employees do not have access to this software or, more likely, they simply will not want to download and use it. This is still the case if your company already pays for your in-office employees to use it.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a proprietary business communication platform developed by Microsoft. This software performs many of the same functions as Slack but has a higher emphasis on video conferencing. The major downside to Microsoft Teams is the same as Slack. Non-desk or non-office employees will not easily make use of this product during the work day.


This is a downloadable app that functions like normal texting. A problem with Whatsapp is that employees are distracted and annoyed with group notifications that don’t pertain to them. Also, because this service is in the form of a downloadable application, and messages are sent and received utilizing data (rather than SMS), employees will need to use their data plans, or be within wifi range in order to download the app and participate in the messaging.

Group Chats/Direct Texting

Group chats and direct texting between employees are likely already taking place during the workday. A major problem for employers with both of these options is that managers or human resources have no visibility or control over the company texting that happens throughout your business.


Our system is a two-way communication platform that helps managers instantly reach their non-desk employees out in the field, around the shop, or on the production line (if permitted while working). There is nothing to download, and regardless of what phones your employees have, they will be able to participate. Sending a message with Yourco to your employees will look like they are getting a regular text message, and not require them to stop working or download an app.

What is the Best Text Messaging Service for My Business?

Typically businesses will want to set up a short message service (SMS) system for all internal communication with non-desk employees. For small organizations, you may be able to get away with directly texting employees, but even then, it can quickly become a less than viable option for many of the reasons mentioned above.


Another standard option for companies is to sign up for one of the many popular messaging platforms like the ones mentioned above, but as we stated, they present many problems for non-desk or non-office individuals as well. Employee communication can be drastically improved when the right SMS system is implemented correctly.


Partnering with Yourco, for example, makes mass communication a breeze. We have found that 98% of texts get read compared to only 20% for emails. This means that there is no need to worry about employees having a company email or smartphone as both are not required to use our platform. However, on the web side, admins and managers will have access to the messages to ensure a level of safety and transparency while messages are sent during work hours. It is also important to note that sensitive information sent through our system can be made so that only the necessary parties see the information.

What are Examples of Internal Business Communication?

Depending on the industry, internal communication could be short and sweet with a whole host of acronyms being thrown around, or it could include long-form written exchanges where major ideas are considered. SMS systems like what Yourco offers can tackle any imaginable communication need. Let’s take a look at some popular business text messaging examples.

Emergency Alerts

Anything can happen while on the job, and your employees need to be able to stay safe. These alerts can range from natural events like a tornado or earthquake to a fire starting in another part of the building. Having the ability to quickly update your teams is invaluable and, in extreme cases, a life-saving tool.

Company-Wide Announcements

For every department to operate smoothly, they need to be on the same page. Outside of sharing information in person, mass texting is the perfect way to inform everyone about some exciting news like a organizational change.

Scheduling Employees

Your employees have to build their schedules outside of work based on the one they have for work. It is always a best practice to inform employees of their schedule sooner rather than later, which is not always possible. Texting employees makes it easier to fill in if there are unexpected absences. As with their main schedules, it is best to give employees as much of a heads up as possible that you may need extra help on a day they are generally not scheduled. Employees can also keep you updated if something has come up that prevents them from honoring the schedule.

Employee Surveys

As great as face-to-face interactions can be, employees may not always feel their most comfortable giving feedback directly to HR or management. Sending out anonymous surveys allows for all employees to have their voices heard on important issues at work.

Operational Messaging

Changes in how tasks are to be performed or general changes to workflow are imperative to make clear across the board.

Employee Incentive

Whether or not we want to admit it, everyone loves some positive reinforcement. Management cannot be everywhere at once, but if you catch wind that someone or a group has been doing an exceptional job, sending over a congratulatory text can really boost overall morale. One study found that happy employees are around 20% more productive than their unhappy counterparts.

What is the Most Important Effect of Internal Communication?

The simple answer is that it creates instant communication between individuals and teams. Beyond that, you cannot downplay the importance of internal communication in an organization into one “most important element.” To prove our point, here are more reasons why internal communication through an instant SMS system is invaluable.

Consistent Supply of Information

Nothing is worse than remembering a task you forgot to finish right at the end of the workday. A major benefit to implementing a system like what Yourco provides is that it creates an ecosystem, encouraging employers to have more meaningful communication with their teams. If a task was assigned at the beginning of the day and someone cannot get to the employee in person, a quick text message can resolve the situation and alleviate any headaches from both parties. Yourco delivers the right message to the necessary people.

Stronger Company Culture

If the only time an employee interacted with upper management was during the hiring and onboarding process, then it would not be surprising if they felt detached from their work and environment. Internal communication creates happier employees that feel included in the exchange of information that allows them to perform their job.

Increased Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is paramount for a business to succeed. Not only does it create happy and productive employees, but actively engaging your workforce can save you thousands of dollars. It is estimated that it costs around $4,000 to hire new talent. That number does not include how much it costs to onboard and train them as well.

Do You Need Permission to Text Employees?

As ethical employers and managers, you always want to respect employees’ space and privacy inside and outside of the workplace. This is why some organizations are hesitant about implementing an SMS system into their operations. It is important to know that all text communications do not break or infringe upon the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), or any other applicable laws around this concept.


The good news is that using a service like Yourco will help you keep your messaging legally compliant and in good standing with the Carriers. Before giving you access to Yourco, the Yourco team lets the Carriers know that you received all employee cell phone numbers either during the recruitment process, or during the employee’s employment with your business. Once the Carriers approve of your use case, and we give you access to the Yourco services, we then monitor the status of your company number over time and ensure that you stay in good standing with the Carriers.


Moreover, as long as employers respect workplace boundaries and only text outside of work hours for something important (like a change in their schedule or updated benefits), then internal communication through an SMS system should bring about nothing but positive change.

Yourco: Internal Communication Made Easy

Your internal communication strategy needs to be seamless and not add another distraction to your non-desk employees. Our service, which is much more effective than regular texting or emails, keeps track of the data from the messages. The messages are sent to employees’ phones like a regular text, but HR and other Admins have the ability to see the exchange. This leads to greater transparency and accountability in the workplace. 


To see the difference that Yourco can make to your company’s internal communication, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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