How Do You Send a Mass Text for Business?

How Do You Send a Mass Text for Business?
How Do You Send a Mass Text for Business?

How Do You Send a Mass Text for Business?

For decades, email has taken over as the preferred method to reach all employees through one communication, but it might surprise you that it’s not the most effective. This is especially true with non-desk employees who might not have access to email throughout the day. With the availability of cell phones and messaging apps, it’s easier than ever to send out a message to employees without the need for email blasts that fill up inboxes. Using an internal text communication platform can help you reach your employees quickly and efficiently without the need for anything other than a cell phone. With text messaging abilities, you’ll see 98% of your messages get read, as compared to 20% of emails. And the average response time to a text is only 90 seconds!


So what is the best text messaging service for business? Yourco offers you the ability to send out texts to all of your non-desk employees. That means they don’t have to deal with extra apps to receive your communication.


In this blog, we’ll talk about how to send a mass text to non-desk employees and is there a way to send a mass text individually. (Hint: There is!)

How To Send Out Mass Texts for Business

Using internal text communication software like Yourco will give you the option to send out mass texts to your employees. HR and Managers have the ability to text smaller groups based on their shift, location, or department. Making sure employees in your business receive valuable communication quickly is important. You don’t want your non-desk employees to be out of the loop, especially while working in the field or warehouse. Of course, non-desk employees can have spotty reception and might not have access to specialty communication apps like Microsoft Teams. This is where internal text messaging comes into play.


You might be wondering “How do I send a mass text to make sure everyone gets our business communication?” Let’s explore the best way to send mass text messages for your business using Yourco.

 1. Once you’re signed up for Yourco, your business will be assigned a unique phone number for that allows you to send text messages to your employees through our program.

 2. You’ll have a dashboard that shows you an overview of your unread messages, different messaging statistics, and which managers are able to receive and respond to messages.

3. By clicking on the “Message Employees” tab on the left sidebar, you will pull up your message history with all employees. Your Yourco messenger shows you each conversation, which you can click and respond to individually. You can also search through historical conversations.

4. To create a new message, click the “plus” button. This is where you can designate the recipients of your text message. As you can see in the “Recipients” field, you can select different locations, groups, and departments to send messages to, such as “Field Crew” or “Warehouse”. You also have the ability to enter individual employee names in order to send a direct message to them.

5. Then, type the message you’d like your employees to receive and hit send. Your recipients will receive it like any other text message. The employee can respond individually to this text, as it does not create a group text message.

6. That’s it! You’ve successfully sent a mass text message to your employees!

As we noted, each employee will get an individual text from your unique number without the hassle of sifting through other employees’ responses. However, these texts all contain the same message. You can text the warehouse team to make sure the shop floor is clean and free of clutter when a customer comes to visit. Or you can text the field crew when you need to push the start time back due to inclement weather. No matter what you’re sending, everyone you choose to send a message to will receive it. Not only that, but when employees respond, their message only goes to HR or any managers that have access to them on the platform.


Here’s an example of what an employee sees on their cell phone:

Use Yourco for Mass Texts

Using Yourco as an internal text communication software allows you to send a mass text from a computer while your non-desk employees can simply use their cell phones to view and respond to messages. No downloading apps. No passwords. No hassle. With Yourco, you can:

  • Eliminate excessive meetings and miscommunication
  • Consolidate communications for supervisors, managers, and human resources
  • Stop wasting time with bulletin boards, handouts, and flyers

Not everyone has an unlimited data plan or access to the internet, but everyone can text. Whether your business needs individual or mass communication with your non-desk employees, Yourco gives you the ability to easily and effectively communicate with your team. Sign up for a demo today to see how Yourco can help your internal communications!

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