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“Yourco is the best thing we did last year!” 

– Carolina Abrams | Sherwin-Williams HR Manager

Our customers

We serve small businesses and large enterprises across 25+ industries.

“Yourco has helped to change the way we communicate at McCarthy Auto Group. We have nearly 700 employees and 80% are non-desk based, communication is a challenge. Yourco provides a quick easy way to reach everyone within our organization and a secure way for employees to reach HR and leadership without a computer.”
Felisha Parker
VP of HR at McCarthy Auto Group
“Yourco has been huge for us, especially during the weather crisis. It is such a fast and easy way to communicate with everyone. We were able to keep our employees safe and make sure everyone was notified of updates in a timely manner. It could not have been built any easier for the end user.”

Scott Pfantz
Operations Manager at Nufarm

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Learn how Yourco creates an effective line of communication between you and your non-desk staff.

Two-way communications

See how Yourco has been crafted to become the ultimate non-desk employee communication tool.
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Dive into the flexibility that allows Yourco to be configured for your organization's structure.
Use Cases

Employee Communications

Our customers use Yourco to communicate a wide range of information to and from their non-desk employees.

Company Announcements

Emergency Alerts

Text-Off Line

Operational Messaging


Internal Job Postings

Employee Surveys

Training Videos

Onboarding Employees

Don't We Already Have Something?

Yourco is the tool our customers use to bring their non-desk employees into the conversation, digitally connecting the rest of your workforce to the front office.

Mobile Apps

Whether you use an Intranet, Teams, or some other app, communication over mobile applications require downloads and data plans. Your non-desk employees don’t want to pay to communicate with you, don’t always have internet access, and typically won’t download or use a mobile app. Not effective.

Personal Cell Phones

HR is tired of providing their personal cell phone numbers to employees. This not only risks information loss in case of future legal issues, but it also increases the chance of harassment. It’s important to keep workforce communications documented and retrievable, while protecting the privacy of your employees.

“We have tried 3 text communication tools, and this is the best experience we’ve had by far. A consistent line of communication to our employees is one of the most important things when it comes to our employee communication strategy, and Yourco is the most reliable system around.”
Terri Kasper
HR Manager at Calumet Carton Company

Why not just use email?

Providing company emails for everyone can be very costly, and your non-desk employees don’t even read them! Yourco bridges the gap, and you can guarantee that your employees have received the message.

What About Other Texting Services?

We built Yourco with message delivery as the #1 priority. By specializing in internal communication with your non-desk employees, our setup and processes have resulted in the best product on the market. Learn more about if Yourco could be a good fit for your business in our Yourco Buying Guide.

Dedicated Phone Number

We begin by giving you a phone number that is unique to your company.

Built Specifically For Your Employees

Every feature within Yourco is specifically crafted to enhance your two-way internal communication experience with your non-desk employees:

Ensuring Delivery

Your internal communications are important. We ensure that your employee communications go uninterrupted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have a “no phone” policy during work. But, employees still bring their phones to work in case of emergency and for communication with the outside world.

In our experience, employees check their phones during break time and lunch, so our customers with “no phone” policies use this time to communicate important information.

With Yourco, you can also schedule messages to be sent to employees during their break, lunch, or other non-working hours.

Yourco does not cost your employees anything. We built Yourco so that you can take advantage of the Carrier’s business model (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) and eliminate all costs to your employees.

There are multiple ways to keep your employee list updated within Yourco:

  1. We offer HRIS / Payroll integrations that automatically keeps your employee list updated without any extra administrative work.
  2. You can upload a spreadsheet / .CSV file into Yourco. From there, you can manually add, remove, and update your employee list within Yourco.