Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

Instantly distribute employee surveys to your non-desk employees.

Instantly distribute and achieve higher participation rates

Employee surveys reveal your company's strengths and weaknesses. The problem with them is that they are difficult to distribute to your entire workforce, and even more difficult to drive participation. Not any more...

Use Your Favorite Survey Platform

Whether you prefer SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, or another service, Yourco lets you instantly send surveys to all of your non-desk employees.

More Participation

Non-desk employees tend to not see company emails, but they do see text messages. In fact, only 20% of emails get read, while 98% of texts get read. Texting your surveys will lead to higher participation.


Retain Employees

Understanding the opinions of your employees will give you insights and allow you to craft the best employee experience possible. Ultimately this leads to higher employee retention.

Employee Opinion Surveys

Easily obtain employee opinions, satisfaction ratings, and views about your organization.

Employee Culture Surveys

Measure the point of view of your employees and whether it aligns with your organization.

Employee Engagement

View insights around employee commitment, motivation, and sense of purpose.

Make your life easier, and get your non-desk employees more engaged at work!

Non-desk employees are the least engaged employees across the globe. These are employees that are not at a desk or in front of a computer all day, fundamentally decreasing their opportunity for communication in the digital age. Utilizing Yourco empowers employees by giving them an easy way to communicate with you and your organization. Check out some other use cases below. You will find different ways that our Customers help their non-desk employees to become more engaged at work.

Strategy Session

Reach out today to speak with a Yourco consultant about optimizing your employee surveys strategy.