Upload Employees

Upload Employees

Instantly upload all of your employees, or a group of employees, into Yourco with the CSV file uploader.

Step 1

Prepare Your CSV File

First, begin by setting up your spreadsheet with employee information. An easy way to locate this employee information is by downloading a report from your Payroll software or HRIS.

Make sure this spreadsheet includes each employee's first name, last name, and cell phone number.

Optionally, you can include each employee's email, department, id, location and any other tags that you would like to utilize in order to segment your employees within Yourco. An example of a tag that is commonly used is the employee's shift.

Once your spreadsheet is prepared, export it as a CSV file.


Step 2

Upload Your CSV File

Next, go to the employee directory in Yourco and click on the plus button in the bottom right corner. Then, click on Upload Many.

Once you are here, click on Select CSV File, and select the CSV file that you have prepared.

Before you continue, it is important to note that this CSV upload will not update data for previously added employees. It also will not remove previously added employees. This CSV upload is solely for uploading new employees into Yourco.


Step 3

Answer Yourco's Questions

Once you upload your CSV file, Yourco will guide you through the rest of the process by asking you a series of questions. Simply answer each question presented to you by Yourco. When this is complete, a table with all of your employees will be displayed.

Before moving forward, you should verify that your employees' data is correct. Once you are ready, click Submit. Any new employees from your CSV file will be added to your Yourco system, and they will automatically receive the initial onboarding message.


End Result

Ready to Send Messages

All of the employees you added from your CSV file are now in Yourco, and you are ready to start messaging!

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