Text Off Line

Text Off Line

Provide a simple text off line for your non-desk employees.

Yourco simplifies your call off process with a text off line

Instead of a call off line, you can now provide your employees with a number to easily text off work. Text messaging provides simplicity and efficiencies for your non-desk employees, human resources, and managers.

Operational Efficiency

Automatically notify HR, supervisors, and managers immediately when an employee texts off work. Eliminate phone tag coordination and let leaders plan for their day accordingly.

Simple Employee Experience

When an employee experiences an emergency or they need to miss work, texting off is the easiest way for them to get their message to your company.


Automatic Documentation

By utilizing Yourco, all text messages from your employees are stored and automatically documented. You can refer to historical employee text off messages and reference as needed.

Clear Message

If you have a call off line, sometimes the verbal message is not clear. With a text message, it is always clear.


With Yourco, once an employee texts off work, you can respond to them directly to clarify and ask for details.


Even if your employees have flip phones, they can text your company number in order to notify your team.

Strategy Session

Reach out today to speak with a Yourco consultant about optimizing your company text off line strategy.