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Open Enrollment Communications

Simplify Open Enrollment Communications with your Non-Desk Employees.

Yourco will help you increase participation and reduce your workload.


Increase open enrollment participation.

Yourco helps you streamline open enrollment communications and reduces the obstacles that hurt employee participation.

Get Your Message Read

When you use Yourco, you can stop worrying about sending emails that don't get seen or read.

Employees Can Easily Ask ?'s

With Yourco, your employees can ask open enrollment questions simply by texting your company number.

Send Employee Reminders

After sending initial communications about open enrollment, you can send text message nudges with Yourco.

Communicate Effectively

Text messages get read

98% of texts get read while only 20% of emails get read. By using Yourco, you know that your employees will receive all of your open enrollment messages. They don't even need to have access to internet!
Save money

Reduce your workload and associated costs

Yourco reduces your workload during open enrollment by eliminating the need for costly and distracting meetings. Moreover, with Yourco, you will never need to track down employees to finish or rework forms.
Ensure Delivery

We ensure your messages get delivered

By using Yourco, no matter the situation, you will be able to ensure that your message gets delivered to every single employee. From smartphone to flip phone, your message will get there.

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