Onboarding Employees

Onboarding Employees

Use Yourco to onboard and train your non-desk employees with messages that they will actually see.

Send onboarding and training texts to your non-desk employees

It is difficult to reach your new employees when they don't have company emails, or are not in front of a computer all day. Easily reach them with onboarding and training messages by using Yourco.

Don't Let Your Employees Miss Important Info

Getting your employees up to speed quickly is important. By using text messages, you can deliver the right information right when you need to.

Receive Immediate Feedback

Non-desk employees may take some time to respond to email, or may never even see your messages. Using Yourco will allow your employees to receive your message and acknowledge they have received it immediately.


Let Employees Ask Questions on Their Own Time

We learn best by asking questions. Let your employees ask questions about protocol, processes, and their employment by simply sending a text message when they need to.

Hiring Documentation

Your new employees forgot to turn all of their documentation in? With Yourco, they can just take a picture and send it into your company number.


Standard operating procedures locked away in a drawer or drive somewhere? Text them to your employees so they can access them in a time of need.

Training Docs

Don't want to overwhelm new employees with your training docs all at once? Text a new training doc each day to ease them into their new role.

Strategy Session

Reach out today to speak with a Yourco consultant about optimizing your employee onboarding strategy.