Yourco for Transportation & Warehousing

Yourco for transportation & warehousing

Text Your Company

Two-way communication with your non-desk employees.

Managers Use Yourco

With the click of a button.

Whether you're in Human Resources, Operations, or Safety, communicating with your entire workforce has never been easier.

Human Resources

Give yourself and your employees a simple, digital way to reach each other.


Create operational efficiencies in the warehouse and out in the field.

Safety Managers

Share weather events and safety concerns with your staff instantly.

Communicate Effectively

Text messages get read

98% of texts get read while only 20% of emails get read. By using Yourco, you know that your employees will receive your messages.
Increase operational efficiency

Yourco gets the job done

Send a message to your entire staff with the click of a button. Reduce miscommunications and make sure employees actually receive the message.
Reduce Legal & Financial Risk

Reduce legal risk

Yourco automatically documents all historical messages (even on terminated employees) for future legal reference. Yourco also provides you with a dedicated texting line so HR and Managers don't have to give their personal numbers out.
Use Cases

Employee Communications

Transportation & Warehousing companies use Yourco to communicate a wide range of information to and from their employees.

Company Announcements

Onboarding Employees

Employee Referrals

Employee Surveys

Employee Alerts

Text Off Line

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What Our Customers Do

Move them, store that, deliver this...

Our transportation and warehousing clients include airports, railroads, trucking companies, storage facilities, and more! We serve small private businesses, public entities, and large Fortune 500 companies.
“The Yourco texting system has helped the Railroad communicate with a 24/7 workforce. Sharing weather events, safety concerns, and company bulletins have been priceless.”
Carl Kocur
VP Engineering at New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
“Trust me, I tell everyone I know that supports a warehouse environment about Yourco because it is a game changer to step up company communication with that environment.”
Senior HR Generalist
at Fortune 500

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have a “no phone” policy during work. But, employees still bring their phones to work in case of emergency and for communication with the outside world.

In our experience, employees check their phones during break time and lunch, so our customers with “no phone” policies use this time to communicate important information.

With Yourco, you can also schedule messages to be sent to employees during their break, lunch, or other non-working hours.

Yourco does not cost your employees anything. We built Yourco so that you can take advantage of the Carrier’s business model (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) and eliminate all costs to your employees.

There are multiple ways to keep your employee list updated within Yourco:

  1. We offer HRIS / Payroll integrations that automatically keeps your employee list updated without any extra administrative work.
  2. You can upload a spreadsheet / .CSV file into Yourco. From there, you can manually add, remove, and update your employee list within Yourco.