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Yourco for Construction

Text Your Company

Document two-way communications with your employees in the field.

Managers Use Yourco

With the click of a button.

Whether you're an HR Manager, Foreman, or an Admin, communicating with your field employees has never been easier.

Human Resources

Send important employee information and make sure everyone receives it.

Construction Superintendent

Maintain organized communication for your workforce at specific job sites.

Owners & Admins

Have a direct line of communication with all of your field employees.

Communicate Effectively

Text messages get read

98% of texts get read while only 20% of emails get read. By using Yourco, you know that your employees will receive your messages.
inclusive + Accessible

Yourco works for everyone

Even if your employees don't have internet access, or they don't pay for a data plan, they can still send and receive SMS.
The Yourco Difference

We ensure your messages get delivered

With other text messaging services, your messages get filtered by phone Carriers. With Yourco, this does not happen. Our proprietary processes ensure that your messages get delivered.
Use Cases

Field Communications

Construction companies use Yourco to communicate a wide range of information to and from their employees.

Company Announcements

New changes to company policy? Instantly send to all of your employees.

Employee Alerts

Moving start time due to inclement weather? Let your employees know with one click of a button.

Text Off Line

Tired of learning about employee absences at the last minute? Let them text off to know about it sooner.

Employee Surveys

Want to send out toolbox talk surveys? Easily text surveys and receive higher participation rates.

Onboarding Employees

New employees need to get caught up to speed? Text training info as needed.

Employee Referrals

Is it hard to fill open roles? Text open positions to your workforce so they can recruit their friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple ways to keep your employee list updated within Yourco:

  1. We offer HRIS / Payroll integrations that automatically keeps your employee list updated without any extra administrative work.
  2. You can upload a spreadsheet / .CSV file into Yourco. From there, you can manually add, remove, and update your employee list within Yourco.

Yes. In fact, you can set up as many groups as you’d like within Yourco.