Communicate Health and Safety Information to Your Non-Desk Employees


As an employer with non-desk employees, it is your responsibility to communicate the information that your employees need to stay safe and healthy. If you have non-desk employees, you are most likely in an industry that may have increased dangers. These guys and gals aren’t sitting behind a desk all day staring at a screen like you and me…they are working with their hands, exhausting their bodies, and pushing through manual labor that supports the growth of your business.

Health & Safety Communication

Make it Stick

The physical and mental stress that these employees are under on a daily basis can lead to overworking, injury, and even death. You already know that these issues can be addressed by preparing your employees with the proper tools and safety training, but it doesn’t do any good if this knowledge does not seep into your employees’ brains.


Physical and digital boards that employees walk past don’t cut it. Flyers, posters, and emails that never get read don’t cut it. Sure, it may look great and cover your butt when you have a health or safety inspection, but isn’t the whole goal to actually keep your employees safe and healthy?

Then What Works?

Daily in-person standups and meetings work great! But, these have become difficult to consistently implement in the age of Covid…and you better bet that your office employees will have some mix of remote and in-person work as we progress into a post-Covid era. 


Your method of communicating health and safety information needs to change. It needs to progress with the times for the sake of those non-desk employees that don’t get the luxury of working from home. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t progress to the point where it’s non-effective…don’t implement ridiculous VR technology or mobile apps when a third of your workforce has flip phones and no data plans.


Meet your non-desk employees where they are. Everyone has a cell phone. Everyone knows how to text. Yourco provides a solution that combines the power of software with the simplicity of texting.


Our Customers Use Yourco To...

  1. Send out daily safety tips to their entire workforce.
  2. Let employees know when there’s bad weather conditions.
  3. Inform employees of COVID-19 testing center updates.
  4. Allow employees to immediately alert managers of safety hazards on the floor or in the field.

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