How Can I Send a Mass Text to My Employees?

How Can I Send a Mass Text to My Employees?
How Can I Send a Mass Text to My Employees?

How Can I Send a Mass Text to My Employees?

How do you communicate with your employees? Is it working for everyone, even your non-desk workers? Probably not. Ideally, your staff messaging and overall communication processes should keep all workers informed and engaged. Sadly, this has proven to be a more difficult task than many anticipated, especially when it comes to non-desk workers.


Traditionally, companies have struggled to develop a cohesive communication strategy that works well for a non-desk workforce. Since these employees are not tied to any single desk location, communication tactics that may work great for office workers frequently fail to meet the needs of non-office employees. Sending emails to employees who are on the move, in remote locations, or rarely in front of a computer just doesn’t work. In fact, recent studies show that only 20% of emails are ever opened.


So, what is the solution? Is there an employee messaging system that can meet the needs of everyone? Thankfully, there is. Internal text communication has proven to be an efficient, simple, and inclusive messaging strategy for all employees. While only 20% of emails get opened, 98% of texts get read.


Sending out a mass text message to a group of employees allows companies to easily communicate important information like:

  • Immediate emergency alerts to keep employees safe.
  • Employee surveys to gain more information and participation from non-desk workers.
  • Company updates to keep all employees and managers on the same page.
  • Announcements like shift updates or other operational changes for individuals and teams.

But what is the best way to send a mass text? Yourco has the answers. In this blog, we will discuss how using an employee texting platform helps employers develop a successful communication strategy with non-desk worker’s needs in mind.

How Do Companies Send Mass Text Messages?

Some employers send mass text messages using their personal or company cell phone. This process has become a fairly common method because of its convenience and simplicity—employers simply gather their employees’ personal phone numbers and send out a group message. However, when an employer chooses to send a mass text message to employees  without the assistance of a texting platform, problems can arise. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Lack of Visibility for Leadership: When a company chooses to message employees directly, they have no control over how texting actually happens. It simply means a message is sent out into the world without any guidance or authority on the part of leadership. Using a texting platform (like Yourco) allows employers to confirm if a message was received with their employees, see all responses, and much more.
  2. Privacy Issues for Employees and Leadership: Sending out a mass message to employees directly can cause a host of privacy issues. For example, this gives employees access to your number and other employees’ personal phone numbers. It can also open the door for harassment and makes the messaging process less secure. Additionally, group texts can quickly become cumbersome for all involved—no one wants to be inundated with endless responses.
  3. Difficulty in Tracking Messaging: When handling disgruntled employees and workplace conflicts, HR and other company leaders need to have access to the full picture. If an employee or administrator was sending inappropriate messages, it may be difficult to track down the evidence because these messages can be lost, deleted, or altered. 

Yourco’s texting platform makes it easy to avoid all of these pitfalls by assigning your company one unique phone number and sending out mass messages directly to individuals instead of a group chat. This makes mass communication to employees much simpler, safer, and more engaging for all involved parties.

How Can I Send a Mass Text to My Employees?

Our two-way communication platform helps companies instantly reach their non-desk workforce, and lets the employees easily and securely respond to each message. When you send a message using the Yourco platform, your employees will immediately get a notification, see it as a regular text message, and respond as soon as they are able. If an employee chooses to respond, you will immediately be notified on the Yourco platform, and the history of that individual conversation is stored safely for future reference, keeping things organized and secure.

Yourco: Making Texting Employees Simple

Even though the majority of non-desk workers do not have regular access to a computer, most will have a phone in their pocket. This makes texting the most accessible form of communication. Choosing to text message employees  through a texting platform is beneficial for a number of reasons including:

  • Text messages are easy to send and receive.
  • Employees do not need to download another app to receive texts.
  • Texts eliminate the need for extra meetings.
  • Leadership is able to contact individuals working in the field with spotty or no Internet access.
  • Texting is a more direct and personal way to communicate.
  • Texting allows you to properly engage with all types of employees.


At Yourco, we’ve made it our mission to simplify communication with your employees. There is nothing for you or your employees to download, and text messages from the Yourco platform can be received on any type of cellular device—even a flip phone. All you have to do is signup, login to the Yourco web platform, and send a mass text from a computer. It’s that easy. Watch our demo or reach out to us to learn more. We’d love to chat with you!

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