Business Text Messaging Examples

Business Text Messaging Examples
Business Text Messaging Examples

Business Text Messaging Examples

When people think of business text messaging, their minds usually default to thinking about marketing to customers. But internal text communication between employees, managers, and HR has just as much potential to drive engagement and transform outcomes. This is especially true for employees who don’t work at a desk, so they can’t check email or constantly be available through tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Plus, who wants to download another app anyway? Texting is a far more friendly and familiar channel for communication, and more inclusive to employees who may not have the latest smartphone or reliable WiFi.


We know one thing you’re probably thinking—having to write out the same text to every employee on your team and keep track of them all coming into your personal phone sounds awful. Don’t worry, we’re also writing this blog to let you know about the best text messaging service for business use and how it lets you get all the benefits of texting without the headache.

Is It Okay To Text Employees?

It is legal to text your employees before, during, and after business hours. But as far as “okay,” the answer to that question requires you to put yourself in the employee’s shoes. First, consider the timing of the text and what you know about the employee’s schedule. Are they awake? Are they driving or working? Are they with family or friends? One of the reasons many people prefer texting over other forms of communication is that an immediate response is not required.


At the same time, 95% of texts are read and responded to within three minutes of delivery. This is where the content of the text comes into play. If you are asking an employee a simple question or confirming information, a text is a great way to communicate. But texting might not be the best choice if you are delivering significant news or have matters of importance to discuss. For example, offering criticism, announcing someone has been fired, or delivering news about a raise or promotion might be conversations that are better to have in person. This is up to the judgment of each individual, based on both the company culture and the personalities of its employees.

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How Are Text Messages Used In Business?

Here are some examples of types of employee communication that can usually be handled via text message:

  • Announcements and Alerts: Low-stakes company-wide announcements and reminders can often be sent via text. The same goes for alerts about simple changes in the process or to the workflow.
  • Surveys, Forms, and Incentives: When employees need to fill out a form or survey, texting them a link can be the best way to drive responses quickly. If there is an incentive program for referrals or related to job performance, a text can be a great reminder that people can refer back to at their convenience. 
  • Emergency Communication: Texts are perhaps the best way for employees and managers to communicate about short-term emergencies like car trouble or other factors that get in the way of the job. When there is a security risk, road closure, or other event everyone needs to be aware of, a text from HR can ensure everyone gets the info as soon as possible.


Learn more about some common use cases of business texting on the Yourco website.

Good Business Text Message Examples

Here are some examples of polite text messages to send employees in the above categories:

Announcements and Alerts

  • Hello team, just a reminder that moving forward all overtime needs to be approved by a manager. Reach out if you have any questions.
  • We are excited to let you know that we have made a full-time hire in administration! Thank you for all your referrals.

Surveys, Forms, and Incentives

  • This is just a reminder that the open enrollment deadline is Friday. Here is a link to the form if you still need to enroll for benefits.
  • Your HR team is asking for feedback! Please complete this anonymous survey when you have time in the next week.

Emergency Communication

  • Team, there has been a fire in the north warehouse. No one is harmed, but inventory has been impacted and the schedule is likely to change. Please stay in contact with your managers with any questions.
  • The city has declared a weather emergency. If you are in the field, please hunker down and be safe. Second shift will be canceled.

These are just some examples to draw from in both tone and content. The tone is supportive and professional. The texts are short and suggest other areas where employees can get more information if they need it. Remember, it’s a text message, so keep it short and to the point. Otherwise, employees may begin to ignore the texts.

Is There A Way To Send a Mass Text Individually?

Yes, Yourco makes it possible to send a mass text to employees, while each employee receives the text individually. This minimizes the number of notifications each employee receives by eliminating busy group chats. It also protects each individual’s private information and allows for candid conversations that might not take place if an employee was responding to a mass text.

Is Texting Considered Professional? With Yourco, It’s Easy To Monitor

Texting has become an incredibly common form of business communication between employees and leadership. While it is considered professional, like any form of communication there is always the risk of being misinterpreted or having tensions arise. That is one reason we created Yourco, to allow a centralized platform where business texting can be monitored and records are centralized. Texts are even documented in the Yourco platform after an employee is no longer with the company.


Administrators like human resources and company owners can see the communication happening between employees and managers to confirm everything is happening as it should. Schedule a demo of Yourco today to learn more about our platform and how it can make your internal business texting easier, more centralized, and better documented.

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